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Disclaimer: These testimonials reflect real life experiences of those who have used our products and do not reflect the opinions or claims made by ATP Nutritionals LLC as a company. These are individual results and are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products. Your results may vary.

mike-rodgers-0I have been taking ATP Extreme for almost 2 years now and I can say without a doubt that these have been the most productive years of my entire career. I am training harder than ever, my body is recovering faster than ever, and I am finishing my races stronger than ever, all of which has helped me run sub 10 seconds almost every time I step on the track for a 100m race. The way ATP Extreme helps with lactic acid is incredible. If you are a high performance athlete, you need to be taking it if you want to maximize your potential as an athlete! *


Pro Sprinter
2014 100m National Champion
2-Time 60m National Champion

verburg-0Since I’ve been taking ATP Extreme, I’ve been performing a lot better in both practice and competition. In practice, I notice my legs recover faster between intervals, lactic acid doesn’t affect me as much, and I don’t fatigue as quickly, allowing me to run better times in my latter intervals. In competition, I’ve noticed I’ve been finishing races stronger than ever. Thanks for making such a great product and helping me win a National Championship! *


Pro 400m Sprinter
2015 400m National Champion
Indoor 4×400 World Record Holder

NATASHA-0ATP Extreme has really helped me deal with lactic acid and reduce my recovery times. I started using it mid way through the 2013 season and immediately noticed how much better my body was able to handle the high intensity training required as a 400m sprinter. Since each batch is Certified Drug Free, I can use it with confidence under USADA and I’m excited to see how long-term, consistent use of ATP Extreme will help me on my quest for a 2016 Olympic Medal! *


Pro 400m Sprinter
2013 National Champion

curtis-mitchell-0I started using ATP Extreme at the beginning of the 2014 season and I immediately noticed that my endurance went way up, my lactic acid went way down, and my recovery was really fast between intervals and between training sessions. As a track athlete, we really deplete ATP levels in our body during training and races, so it made sense to me that supplementing your body with actual ATP could have a big impact on performance. So far, I’m loving what ATP Extreme is doing for me and I’m really looking forward to using it for the entire training cycle before next year’s World Championships. *


Pro Sprinter
2014 200m National Champion
2013 200m World Bronze Medalist


ATP Extreme has taken my training to a completely different level! As soon as I started taking it, I noticed that the effects of lactic acid were delayed and that I was able to recover in about half the time as usual between my sprint intervals. This allowed me to run my last set as fast as my first, which never happened before. I’m also less fatigued after practice, I feel like I’m improving at a faster rate, and I’m coming to practice day after day feeling fresh and ready to work! If you’re a serious athlete and want to maximize your performance, you need to be taking this product! *


Pro 400m Sprinter
2015 World 4x400 Gold Medalist


ATP Extreme is unlike any other performance enhancing supplement I have taken. It gives me clarity, endurance, much faster strength gains, and it reduces my lactic buildup all at once while before I’d have to take multiple supplements and still settle for lesser results. One of ATP Extreme’s greatest qualities in my opinion is the fact that it is a NATURAL performance booster all the while being free of stimulants, banned substances or side effects. This is truly important when It comes to your health as well as not hurting the integrity of your sport! Train Clean! *


Pro Long Jumper
2X USA Outdoor Bronze Medalist

demetrius-pinder-0Ever since I began ATP I have experienced a NOTICEABLE change in my strength, power, recovery, and endurance. Being that I run the 400 meters in track and field, it is crucial that I am powerful, strong, and possess an abundant amount of endurance. The most noticeable change I have experienced is my ability to recover and train harder on a consistent basis. I am able to do two-a-day training sessions that include weight training and cardio, sprint, and endurance training without feeling as much soreness or fatigue. I have also experienced an increase in my training capacity and endurance. In training I am able to run longer at a higher pace and intensity due to lack of lactic acid, and I am able to complete more reps due to lack of fatigue. I also noticed an improvement in my strength and power by a tremendous amount – I recently increased my single leg vertical jump by 5″ within the span of two weeks. *


Pro Spinter
2012 400m WORLD Indoor Silver Medalist
2012 400m OLYMPIC Finalist

calesio-newmanATP Extreme is such a great product! Since I started taking it, my recovery has improved dramatically, my strength gains are coming much faster, and my latic acid threshold has spiked – meaning I can run harder and longer before the lactic acid catches up to me! My ability to continue sprinting at a high level throughout several tough intervals is unbelievable! ATP  Extreme is the missing link that my body has been wanting.  I encourage any elite athlete that wants to go from good to GREAT to start taking ATP Extreme! I guarantee you will be amazed at the results! *


Pro 200M Sprinter
2011 4x100 Pan Am Bronze Medalist
3X MEAC 100m Champion

JEROD-WIMSBefore taking atp extreme, it took me a long time to recover during and after really intense track and weight lifting sessions. After just a couple of days on ATP Extreme I couldn’t help but notice that I could do the same strenuous workouts with less recovery time. Instead of taking 6 minutes in between my sprints, I felt 100% recovered after about 2 minutes! I’ve also noticed tremendous gains in the weight room, watching my bench press max increase by 30+ pounds in a 3 week span. Being that this is an Olympic year, I am really looking forward to Olympic trials and wouldn’t try to compete without this product! *


NFL Free Agent WR and Pro Sprinter
2x USA All-American & 2x NCAA All-American

brycen-spratlingI’ve been using ATP extreme for 2 years now and I’ve really seen improvements in workouts, recovery and overall performance. If you are serious about the sport of track & field or you just want to get more out of your workout, I would definitely recommend this awesome product! *


Pro Spinter
500M Indoor World Record Holder


antoinette-padillaI’ve tried so many pre-workout supplements nothing compares to ATP Extreme! In the weight room I am able to lift heavy and recovery faster. I am a big fan of hitting it hard when I train. Most pre workout products give you jitters and have banned substances. As a professional athlete you have to be careful what you use because it can cost you your career. I recommend this product to tap into your inner beast, train harder and longer, and get the results you need! *


Pro Sprinter
2x Puerto Rican National 200m Champion

LAKYA-1I love everything about ATP Extreme! It helps me with lactic acid, endurance, power and recovery. Lactic acid has always been a BIG problem for me, but now that I take ATP Extreme, I hardly even feel it. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that has helped me. Since being on it, I’m running faster times in practice, I’m finishing my sprints stronger, and I’m lifting more reps in the weight room, so I know my strength and power are increasing quickly as well. *


Pro Spinter
2009 60m NCAA Champion


ATP Extreme has made a HUGE difference for me. The first day I took it, I had the best training session ever and I’ve been taking it consistently ever since. As an amputee, I’m already at a disadvantage, but with ATP Extreme, I can train so much harder and recover faster, so every day I can come into practice feeling fresh and ready to go. It helps so much with lactic acid and there’s no doubt that since I’ve been on it, I’ve performed consistently better on the track. My multiple World Record performances since being on ATP Extreme is all the evidence I need to keep me on it! *


Paralympic Track Athlete
100m & 200m World Record Holder


ATP Extreme has really helped me take my training to another level. ATP matched up with the right training program and disciplined athlete can take you a long ways! I really noticed a change during an interval workout during pre season. I found myself consistently hitting my times rep after rep. The best part was the next day I was able to put my body through another hard interval workout with the same results because my recovery was so good. I have also made significant gains in the weight room. *


Pro Long Jumper


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