Double-blind Study finds Oral ATP has a DRAMATIC impact on Muscle Building, Strength, and Power

WARNING… The results you are about to review are STAGGERING, yet 100% legitimate! To think that you can get results like these from a safe, natural, Certified Drug Free supplement is truly mind blowing!

In a recent 12 week double-blind published study completed at the University of Tampa and published in Nutrition and Metabolism, oral ATP supplementation was proven to have a DRAMATIC impact on strength, power output, lean muscle building, and the negative impacts of over-training.

During the study, all 21 participants completed a 12 week intensive resistance-training program that involved an over-training protocol during weeks 9 and 10. All participants were resistance-trained athletes and were required to maintain a strict diet of 25% protein, 50% carbs and 25% fats throughout the 12 week period.

Important Notes:

  • The oral ATP used in this study is the same Patented form of ATP used in ATP Extreme at the exact same daily dose of 400 mg.
  • Although these results are based on a Double-Blind scientific study, individual results will vary. We make no claims or guarantees that all users will receive similar results. 



Oral ATP increased Lean Muscle 200% MORE EFFECTIVELY than the placebo.

Oral ATP increased Quadricep Muscle Thickness 196% MORE EFFECTIVELY than the placebo.


Oral ATP increased Squat Strength 315% MORE EFFECTIVELY than the placebo. 

Oral ATP increased Bench Press Strength 171% MORE EFFECTIVELY than the placebo. 

Oral ATP increased Deadlift Strength 238% MORE EFFECTIVELY than the placebo. 


Oral ATP increased Wingate Power 136% MORE EFFECTIVELY than the placebo.

Oral ATP increased Vertical Jump Power 130% MORE EFFECTIVELY than the placebo.


According to this published Double-Blind Study, oral ATP can help you get the same strength and muscle building gains IN HALF THE TIME!

If you are a serious athlete in a sport where strength and muscle impact your success, you’d be crazy not to use it!